The yellow house

  • Large living room, kitchen, three bedrooms
  • Terrace
  • Houses have geothermal heat system
  • Living room suitatble for meetings

The red house

  • Old barn that is carefully renovated to a cozy villa
  • Living room, bedroom and kitchen

The white villa

  • Located on the top of the hill
  • Living room, bed room, small kitchen
  • Big terrace with view over the garden


  • Each of the four cozy guest yurts provides a double bed, sitting area, sofa bed, dining area and a kitchenette
  • Private outside toilettes and heated showers
  • Ecological insulation as well as wooden doors and glass windows allow year round living
  • At the top of each yurt is a spheric window offering majestic views of the sky

Group Yurt

  • The spacious workshop yurt can host all kinds of seminars as well as recreational activities like yoga or meditation
  • Fireplace